Sunday, 30 October 2011

Social Network Sites

Here is a quick Link to a site my friend sent me, check it out, its about what social networks do wrong. It is a little out of date... however, its interesting to see what you're opinions are since the launch of google+, and facebooks improvements since the launch of what appeared to be strong competition. Maybe the fact the google plus is now forgotten that it puts into perspective the power of one, unstoppable Internet force.

I dislike facebook, but i have a few friends and pages that i follow in spite of my hatred, and it does keep me there, however i wonder what the future holds for social networking sites, more integration into life? More privacy? more dependence for social activity? Is this really what we need, a community online that can spread to minorities around the world, or should we focus on the real life societies that seem to be getting more concentrated with gangs and minority powers.

The day the gangs take control, more riots take London, and the EDL and BNP start requiting more members, then we may realize that this society needs far more work.

Anyway, check the Link on Cracked.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Venture into Precious Metals

To start, the whole point of me getting into precious metals is... pretty straight forward, the economists say that money is constantly getting devalued, so every time the banks print money (request it from the Bank of England) then the value of the money that exists becomes less, because we have gold reserves that don't really change, so printed bank notes in relation reduce their own amount when they are printed, its like you have the gold reserve as a whole, and the total of money is split within it, so every time money is printed, its singular value goes down, but remains the value within the gold. Or something like that. Maybe another way to put it is, say the gold is worth just £20, all the money within that is made up of pound coins, and then when more pound coins are made and put into the system, the pound coins have the value of 50p's.

This continues to happen day in and day out, for every pound that is printed it has a 20 pence debt on top of it, meaning all money has debt, IF there is only £1 in existence, there is no way for the person who borrowed it to pay back the 20pence, so they have to use it to make money with, to create income, to create income you need people with money to buy your stuff, so they can pay their debt off, so you take out a loan and now there is £2 in existence, you have a pound, and the other guy has a pound, and you both have debts of 20 pence. There is still no way to get out of the system. Anyway, money is printed and money is earned.

The thing that makes crazy sense is making money from debts, if you take a loan out, and use it to create stable income, for example a house that you rent out, then the bank is all up for that, you can have plenty of debt if the money is coming back in.

There are also commodities that business men get into, and thats things like, gold, silver, oil, things that are like property that you can easily sell when their prices go high.

However i've been interested in buying gold 'stock' for a while now, you could buy gold and store it at home, but its not so practical, so ive joined a thing called Goldline, which i found out about through The Telegraph newspaper, an article from 2009 prior to the recession. (Though ive only just seen the article)

The point of it is, is to buy gold or silver, they keep it, and you can sell it back to them whenever you like, so you can make money from it, long term, and if you buy at the right time, I don't know if i've bought at the right time or not, that is to speak in a roughly stable market, HOWEVER, these economists say its wise to have as little money in banks as possible, due to the fact that when the value of money gets knocked so far down the line to been worth nothing, business and government will have to resort to using/buying gold and silver for use as currency, meaning the value of gold and silver will be twenty times that of its general market value, possibly making a hell of a lot of money.

If this were to ever happen, then say someone with £100,000 worth of gold, might get $1,000,000 value if this situation was to occur, and economists continue to expect it to happen, nobody is sure when, but they will when it gets close.

So i've put £100 worth into precious metals, £50 in gold, £50 in silver, and basically have been watching the market a couple of days with an app on my iphone. I'm a very impatient person, and I dont know if i'll have what it takes to see this through into seeing some real profit. But here are the little details;

I bought £50 in gold and in silver, this then had like a 7% cost to it due to card transactions it costs the company, so when i bought it, both were valued at £3-3.50 less than what i paid, so a little room for recovery will be needed there... so next is whats been happening with the market? Which is whats really confusing, because its so hard to tell, i read that september was going to be really good for silver, and that silver is great to get instead of gold due to it having a more industrial use as well as been a precious metal, and that people tend to go for gold, and silver is currently more rare, so i hoped for silver to be a winner for me. The market these past couple of days have been up and down, silver has spent the past 2 days with generally 0 change, and ive seen gold go from been up in the mid 0.20's and down to minus 0.14, so its hard to say.

This is going to have to be something thats watched closely, i will probably put another £100 in a spread it over both perhaps, or just on silver depending on the market. But for me its not a big deal as the money is student money and interest free student overdraft, so i guess if theres a time to try my hand at the market it is now.

It has only been a couple of days now, but i can't let my impatience get the better of me, i need to see this through, see what happens and hope to make some cash down the line. The real thing that makes it worth a try is Gold and Silver will always have value, real value, which is where paper bank money falls down.

Here's the video that pushed me to finally go buy some gold and silver.
(Not to mention Max Keiser, Alex Jones and other Economists that have told me)

Robert Kiyosaki: Taxes & Debt Are Supposed To Make You RICH 


Monday, 1 August 2011

Particle Memory / An atheist proving 'God'

To start, I am not a scientist, however something has been at the forefront of my brain this evening, it's 12:24am, an hour ago I had a thought, could an atheist prove the existence of god?

My first thought was a little basic, the idea was eventually with technology we would have the power to be able to create anything we wish, possibly even more than what god could ever conceive. (I mean we've already achieved Cilit Bang cleaner)

So at the end of our lifetime as a human, wether it be the universe or solar system/planet, we could in theory ensure life, including human existence would exist by planting a seed, this could involve going back in time and ensuring or even creating the big bang.

However you should ignore that as it's dribble, I then carried on with a better theory, IF genetic memory exists, which is the idea in humans and animals it would be instincts and personality that's past through genes exist. Essentially this can be proven as elements can come together to create things, there must be some internal makeup that means it exists in the way it does. Iron oxide is common on Mars, but is also found on earth, 2 different planets housing the same formula, this happens all over the universe with different minerals, this proves in different places the same outcomes exist.

Carrying this idea on, we can essentially think, there is a 'God' particle, meaning before we existed, the universe knew how to create us, perfectly, and all that came before and what will come after. All codes for creation exist, and have existed since the big bang.

But what if there's more too it? Theory suggests the Big Bang is a a point in time, and from then the universe expanded, and like an explosion will then come back on it self, I believe this is called the crunch. What if when the crunch happens, and we go back to nothing (just atoms colliding) that it then becomes a big bang again. If this creates a universe, which it will, then maybe the universe that's created has all the particle and makeup of the original universe, creating humankind once again, continuing our survival, potentially doing it differently.

This would be an infinite cycle, it could be our billionth life cycle of humans inhabiting this 'earth' or a very similar existence.

Or, the idea of parallel universes or other dimensions, are actually just continuing variations of this universe. And we individually have existed a billion times and will continually exist a billion, and infinitely more.

And when this happens we continually make an alternate decision to what we have done in the last existence. Like how the variations work in the idea of a parallel universe.

So this universe could be a cycle where it continue to form almost exactly the same way each time, we live, die and and are reborn infinitely.

Another thought is, and I must confess, I do not believe in ghosts, but if this idea of what people see, as 'ghosts' could be entities of people that should have existed in that universe, but maybe for some reason have not, as with only one universe been constantly reborn, maybe there are anomalies that fail to carry on, but still push their presence into the current universe.
This could explain how people believe that these 'ghosts' communicate like normal proper and do normal things, because essentially they are acting how they would if they were there.

Wether or not it makes any sense or has any validity, i think it shows that potentially we were always meant to exist, as the universe had us planned, and in every universe we are likely to exist, because our makeup is in the universes memory. And with multiple universes whether side by side or continuing one after another supports the idea we are supposed to exist, as scientists ponder parallel universes means we have presence within the genetic makeup of all universes. So don't worry, we will live again.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Evolution is Fact, with or without God.

There has been a lot of debate since Charles Darwin's research provided a theory on Human Evolution, which caused outrage within society, the church and even science itself. However to dismiss evolution is physically impossible, and this also proves absence of a higher beings involvement.

The easiest way to prove evolution is to take it away, without evolution all animals and life as we know it potentially would cease to exist, the reason been is that evolution offers growth within a species. A species generally would start out weak, say from the earliest most simple version of itself, it would then live and if it survived long enough to breed it would pass it's genetic information on, continuing the trend the descendants would find more suitable methods of surviving and hospitable environment, and eventually breed and pass it on. The animal could eventually evolve over hundreds of thousands of years into a new species. Generally birds are all descended from dinosaurs, as there have been found some with feathers and more a wing structure instead of typical arms.

Animals that are generally perfect from early life millions of years ago are species like sharks and reptiles, which had the armour, speed and weapons to survive all that time feeding off animals that don't quite have the traits to survive.

With these handfuls of animals which are perfect by natures design, and large herbivores that live on vegetation often protecting them from dangers of hunting other potentially dangerous animals, creates a self basis of self sustained life.

However, the animals without the ability of perfect design have to advance their survival skills to continue to pass on there genes through breeding, without evolution these animals wouldn't be able to learn, improve and survive over the millions of years.

So if evolution didn't exist, animals couldn't grow, fight off disease or threats from other animals. These animals are part of a food chain, eventually without evolution they would simply start dying out and there would be a huge chance there would be little to no life around today due to lack of a food cycle.

Even insect life and smaller animals would be greatly effected, pollination needs to be fulfilled, if the plants dont get pollinated by animals and insects, plant life, fruits and insects would slowly diminish, lowering many herbivores to slowly thin in numbers.

Recently a point has been made very clear these past few years, if Bees died out the effects could be devastating to all plants and animals, the report said if the bees died out it would be a sure thing that all other life would follow, as bees have been pollinating life for something along the lines of 150 millions years, pretty staggering how amazing bees really are.

So evolution has to exist to keep a sustained ecosystem of life and death, extinct animals are examples of poor design, often with no way of correcting their weakness, the Megaladon is a prime example, a great White shark style predator the size of 2 busses, it's weakness was it needed to feed on animals that just weren't around or big enough to sustain their appetite.

What this proves that we are descendants from other animals because evolution is a contradiction to life simply popping into existence. Evolution is necessary and is not designed but discovered by the species, somewhere our ancestors did something correct and gave us the basis to create our own species, will all that was in between becoming obsolete and dying out, proving we have evolved into a true survivor.

With or without god creating the earth, I think evolution proves we were not planned by a greater being, which is why religion has such a problem, their arrogance assures themselves they are better than animals, more significant and pure.

Handing them a plate saying we are just surviving animals with cognitive thought and feelings and were not planned, albeit not wanted by god is a drastic blow to any supporter of religion and creationism.

But been special, unique as a species and creators of such superb design and culture, to come from a simple Great Ape, to survive over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, surviving fatal disease and ice ages through evolving body and brain, is surly more magnificent than poping up out of thin air a few thousand years ago, right?

Just a thought.

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Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Laden and The American Dream

Ok, so im Tired of looking up information on Osama Bin Laden now, its been a good few hours and im ready to put this to rest.

Ok so yesterday I realised the first of May was the day Hitler was announced dead in 1945, waking up early to check out the news as i dont get to watch it much, i saw that Osama Bin Laden had been 'killed'. My first thought was this is a re-run of many other occurrences, but it's official, that they have announced him dead. I don't think I believe this, is he dead isn't he? Who really knows?

I thought I'd check out Twitter as obviously it would be trending, and someone posted a tweet saying 'Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden were both announced dead on May the 1st'.

Hitler been 1st of May 1945, and Osama bin Laden been 1st May 2011. I then came across a video through twitter relating the announcement of Bin Laden's death been the same day as when the Illuminate was founded, 1st May 1776.

The Illuminate is a secret society of power that's aim is to control society, wealth, resource, where there's war and the levels of population as they see fit, they are the people with the money, power and means to be higher than government.

Adolf Hitler, a Nazi leader who started a war to rid the world of Jew's, to take over land and countries, to profit Germany an make her the most powerful country in the world.

Osama Bin Laden, was part of a figure head group from the 1980's called Mujaheddin, set up, funded, armed and trained by the CIA, other US, European and British powers. Their goal was rid Afghanistan of the Soviet Union's hold on the middle east (for America and Capitalism). His actions were acceptable in Western Eyes until he fell out with Saudi Arabia for letting 540,000 US troops stay there. Along with the Gulf war, he vowed to rid the middle east of western forces. (Source:

After checking the date, 'May 1st' on Wikipedia for important world events, focusing on America related, I came across a very significant one. Another announcement, May 1st 2003;

George W. Bush, made a speech called 'Mission Accomplished' which was in essence saying 'Major conflict in Iraq has ended', and all that was left was picking up the pieces, another coincidental announcement on this day to win the hearts of America?

The Speech - Via Youtube

I don't want to be that guy always criticising the Media, America, and government cover-ups, but this seems more than a coincidence. The 3 actions that follow the formation of the Illuminate are prime examples of the sorts of thing the Illuminate would manipulate for control, and released on the anniversary of the Illuminate? Coincidence or not, its still there for you to see that its not right.

Considering Osama Bin laden has been presumed, announced and theoretically dead for the past 10 years brings a lot of people to question these claims, not to mention the disposing of the body so quickly into the sea, yes they did something similar to Che Guevara and Genghis Khan, the CIA hid the body parts of Che around the world so there was no grave for people to celebrate him, Genghis Khan was also buried in an unmarked grave, According to legend, the funeral escort killed anyone and anything across their path, to conceal where he was finally buried. After the tomb was completed, the slaves who built it were massacred, and then the soldiers who killed them were also killed. One way to keep the grave locatable, they got a Camel because they have good memories, So they killed a baby Camel and buried it with Genghis Khan, so the Mother Camel would remember the location and go back every year. So the location was known to whoever knew about the Camel, until the Camel died.

After hearing there was no body of bin Laden, as it was sent to sea in the 'traditional' Islamic way of burial... this sounded just like a coverup of the actual body, or any evidence whatsoever.

After researching, i found Osama Bin Ladens religion to be Wahhabi Islam, where in an example, the King of Saudi, Wahhabi was buried in his robes, in an unmarked grave in a public cemetery, not at Sea.
They said they didn't want to make a shine for him, but I doubt this is 100% true, also what was weird is they said 'in Islamic tradition' the body is buried within 24 hours.
Now im sorry but when you kill a suspected mass murderer, you don't just bury his body and leave, especially just say, 'hey lets give him a proper Islamic burial... out of RESPECT?' really, if he is accountable to the deaths of thousands, did they get a respectable burial?

Which makes me believe whoever they have 'killed' is not Osama Bin Laden, but a willing Marty or a cover-up to help create an image, which would be the only reason for them using the excuse of a traditional burial, out of respect for someone giving their life to provide this image for American Propaganda.

An image of Osama Bin Laden dead was released soon after on Pakistani TV, and then picked up by British media, however it was concluded by a fake very soon after, it was uncovered by a tweeter and published by The Guardian:

Apparently Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001 following been ill with Liver Failure, he had a Dialysis machine, and also walked with a cane. New reported him having a funeral in December 2001, but over the years he's been revealed in videos, possibly proving he was alive. However we know a lot of these video's were faked, or older than what most people thought.
His image often changed in these video's, which proved the speculation of lookalikes, one of them is Tim Osman.

An alternative mention to Osama bin Ladens death is that he was murdered by another terrorist, called Omar Sheikh, who was convicted in 2002 for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Which was mentioned by Benazir Bhutto in a news report, before she was Assassinated. See for the information and a Time line of events corresponding to Bin Ladens death, which is very interesting:

On a last note, 2 things, i was looking on the FBI site today at Osama Bin Ladens wanted page, it has been updated with a deceased emblem across it. HOWEVER, something struck me, the page mentions what he is wanted for, however it doesn't mention anything to do with 9/11, or the London bombings, is it because he was never affiliated with them? Surely if he was that would be the top priority for his capture, not 244 civilians in 1998 in Africa. Maybe the government did know he wasn't involved directly because of the whole inside job that we hear so much about.

A closer version of the Caution. (hopefully unless no compression has occurred)

And the other part is concerning Barack Obama's Birth certificate, which people have been wanting to see due to disbelief of where he's actually born, they don't believe he is an American citizen, the original birth certificate produced was dismissed, and the government said it was the only one. So, last wednesday the 27th april, the government released another one via which has sparked even more speculation as its clearly an edited image, done probably in photoshop, as it has very digital trademarks which wouldn't occur in an original scanned document, i know what an original scanned document looks like, because i've had to do a lot for student reasons, of birth certificates and financial forms, drivers licences for my dads tax return or whatever he needs a billion print offs for.

So head over to and for more information on this story.

Bin Laden Dead?

Ok... I dont know if he's dead or not, but this recent announcement is all lies.

Illuminati founded 1st May 1776,
Adolf Hitler announced dead 1st May 1945, 
Osama Bin Laden announced dead 1st May 2011, WAKE UP PEOPLE.

What else can I say? Apparently he's been dead for 10 years, december 2001 with CIA/FBI whichever goon was by his side as he died in hospital.

Not sure wether to believe that or not, but let's all agree the above dates are very unusual a secret organisation built to control the world, and 2 tyrants deaths announced on the same day, just so obvious.

The first rule of thinking for yourself do not listen to America. The second rule of thinking for yourself DO NOT LISTEN TO AMERICA. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Does this clock predict the future?

I was wandering around the internet, and after looking at a brilliant clock that shows the rate of population, rate of oil usage, HIV contractions, Births... etc

I saw this little clock the population counter, where you have a 'distance from now' years query, and it tells you the population, however it is only a mathematical tool, but does it suggest drastic depopulation? I got to 47 years from now, so that would be about 2058. The population hits 8,784,612,310 before counting backwards... so I carried on, it kept going down, until i managed to get it all the way to Population 1... 500 years from now. (497 to be specific) and from 497 this lone person lives for 6 and a half years until the 504 years from now 2515.

I continued all the way to 988 years from now (y3000), in hope a miracle would somehow bring back humankind, maybe this scale is because the majority leave the earth, form space colonies, ride the galactic waves into new worlds, a highly possible outcome providing space travel becomes accessible to the majority. There already is space laws, as i found this out when me and my friend Matt was looking into ownership of the moon, due to people been able to sell acres of the moon, but nobody owns the moon, so its nothing but a money making scheme, here is the article on National Geographic,

As well as 'The Galactic Government' Website...

Please be aware, they may be crackers.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Attacks on Sony

Ok, so the person/group called Anonymous threatened Sony at the beginning of the month, whilst aparently that got sorted out, Sony received attacks Wednesday 20th April, which led to them having to shut down their internet service, and after 5 days they're still beefing up their security, changing servers and the structure of the Playstation network and their other services.

However, its unknown whether or not what the attack was about, about countering the actions against GeoHot, or about stealing credit card details. Sony aren't releasing much, although they've definitely been attacked.

What irritates me is this idea that Anonymous are supposed to be these vigilante's trying to be all political and for the best interests, well they aren't political activists, they aren't doing anything political. All their actions are subjective, they're just looking at their own interests or like they're just following trends, were they attacking Scientology before Tom Cruise and other celebrities started joining? It's getting what's in the public eye.

But can they piece together a strong enough case for actions against Sony...?
I don't think they can. Let me just get my opinion out of the way... Linux was a pointless piece of shit, the only benefit it had was for programmers and hackers to test their skills on multi-core processors, or unlocking the PS3.

Anyway, GeoHot is fully responsible for his actions, which, unlocked the Playsation3 too be taken advantage of by any user, been able to create home brew software, or completely jeopardise the playstation network. Some people had the ability to unban themselves, and ban other players, the unlock could cause cheating in games, the use of pirated software and games, this would not only effect Sony, but anyone who publishes content for the PSN, and anyone who uses the console online. Even though GeoHot only unlocked the linux support, initially, he made a lot of information public, including software key's that exploited the playstation network.

These actions were... unnecessary, he made the information public, which was his mistake. He could've kept his work personal, for his own usage, as he didn't have much plans for it, except Linux. The problem is if you pull to pieces someone's work and distribute it to people, its on the borderlines of copywrite, allowing the whole industry to be exploited is an irresponsible move.

Anything you produce as a person is your work, and if people take it from you and mess with it you're going to be annoyed. If someone stole my ideas for artwork, I would be annoyed, we live in a capitalist society, despite having money or not, it is hard to get by in these times.
I have an iPhone 3G, which i had unlocked using software Geohot created... you ask why is this any different from the Playstation3 unlocking... well, my phone is now old, and obsolete, the newer iphones have overtaken, with software optimized for the different hardware that the newer iphones have, so i unlocked my phone to try and make it run better, as i had to restaart my iPhone if i wanted to play Rock Band to free up the memory. With the new IOS 5 coming out soon, i feel that i wont get anything to make my phone run better, maybe the update will make it worse? So a jailbreak might be necessary.

The Plasytation3 has only gone through minimal changes since its original release, with the majority of its function for playing Playstation games. The only thing that annoyed me, was they took away the ability to play PS2 games. I think thats the only feature they removed that annoyed me, but it wasn't necessary because its a console for playstation 3 games.

So, if Anonymous, if you have anything to do with the attacks on Sony, i ask you, focus you're attention to real issues, we all know the risk to our actions, just like GeoHot did, what we need are more people willing to help take down governments after their decisions that take away our dignity, money, and personal rights. Please pick your battles wisely, as your image is getting less respect from picking very specific battles, making yourselves look like kids in a basement playing call of duty 24/7.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Letter from a Fan/Westwing Segmant

I recently stumbled upon this great link, please check it out, it's a letter and video responding to Christians modern day views on the bible.

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Friday, 4 March 2011

The 2011 UK Census Boycott

Coming up at the end of the month is one of the most historically important part of information gathering, the UK Census, and I'm appealing for a Boycott.

How ever much I enjoy history, and the things that have been learnt from the use of Census, I believe in this day and age where we live in a society where the government cares little about individuals, that we would be subjected to fill in a form containing personal information.

In a society where its easy to find personal information about people, target them with advertising, or sell their details to another company, in a time where we can be conned into buying something without realising or been pressured into it, that we feel its needed to give away even more information?

How are we sleeping safely a night knowing people can find out anything they want from us with a simple click of a button or passing of money?

Can we really justify this information sharing, especially after the few incidents where 25,000 citizens private and personal information were just 'lost' by incompetent people, in just one example of the data loss. This may only be a fraction of the population, but if just £15 can be made from each of those 25,000 peoples information (from just that instance) that's £375,000 of profit, just selling on the information, the buyer maybe a debt firm, credit company or a company offering a specific service targeted at you from what data they receive. If you end up buying into it it might be a deal that makes them a couple of thousand pounds long term, obviously not everyone will be in the same boat or take up their offer, that's why information can be sold so cheaply. (The £15 is a estimate, it could be extremely lower)

But back to the main point, there's a company called Lockheed Martin who specialise in creating Trident nuclear missiles, cluster bombs and F-16 fighter jets, this American company has paid a £150 million bid (other companies bid to buy) contract to run the census on behalf of the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Now... at what point does a company who states (In the Guardian Article) that;

"No personal census data will be handled or seen by any American-owned company. No Lockheed Martin employees will see or handle any personal census data. The public can be reassured that their personal details from the census will be kept confidential and will remain so for 100 years,"

Then why do companies bid for the Census...? If there's no profit in the use of the data, I don't see the significance, it's beyond me, I've checked the internet, not much luck in finding why. I've asked this question on Yahoo Answers and hopefully will get an informative answer.

So as of now, all I can assume is the information somewhere will be compromised, in this day and age it makes just as much sense to count Facebook accounts. Big Brother keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So I ask you to defend your privacy, you don't owe the government anything, because we are in enough debt as it is, we are fighting for our voice, which is ignored far too often, we need to get louder and pro-active!

I would consider filling in the Census if it had an important effect on decisions in our society, (Not to say the decisions made with it aren't important... schools, hospital funding etc) like if it had a question, 'We're we right to invade Iraq?' 'Should defending our country involve INVADING another?' and so on, things that will give the true opinion of the people a chance, because we don't have enough of a say on what's going on.

If David Cameron decides to send us to Libya and fuck us/it up for the civilians and get our troops killed then i'm going to flip my lid at his atrocities.

So, lets boycott the Census and tell the government what we really think, Surely the act of refusing to fill out the census is important information gathering...

[Edit] The contract is £450million of potential profit (The Budget), however I read that it will cost £438 million although the gaurdian says 'administration costs have spiralled to an estimated £480m' I just don't see the room for profit.

The Guardian link to the Boycott -
The Guardian link to the government costs -

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Boycott War shooters

The problem with War shooters is they're played by kids, i'm not saying all kids are impressionable, but after watching Jurassic park, if your kid isnt thinking how great it would be to be a dinosaur or live with them they you have a wrong child.

Call of Duty is a dead game now, but people will continue to buy them, I imagine to majority of people getting the game are younger than 18, apparently on Xbox360 its usually always kids you're playing against. Call of Duty has become a franchise, you know they're just cashing in on dead weight when they release one a year, i mean look at Tony Hawks, they've pushed one out about every year for the past 10 years, and despite the last 3 attempts to change the game somewhat, its now a sunken ship.

The problem is are parents really going to just suck up and buy this game for their kids, there's nothing good about a child playing a shooter that with each release gets even more realistic and violent. One thing thats important about parenting, is when your child is in their Teens, they aren't supposed to like you, the logic;

If they dont like you, you're doing something right, if they like you, you're doing something wrong.

Translation: Dont like you = no call of duty, like you = call of duty.

I dont believe computer games are the cause of violence in the world, but it develops in in young minds and makes shooting people in the head an achievement. Theres nothing good about war, its not clean, its very dirty and people die, all in the sake of government's advancements over territory and resource.

I was in the Army at one point, i left because i didnt want to get shot, the iraq invasion had recently started and i wanted no part of it, if id've stayed in, i would've done 4 tours of Iraq and probably be on my fourth tour of Afghanistan by now. I don't have a problem with the army and defending our country, i just don't like the idea that defending our country means invading another, theres no logic to this, its basically kill a threat before they threaten us.

Boycott anything that promotes war in the middle east and 3rd world nations.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Women victimised on Car insurance rise.

Probably one of the most irritating pieces of news for a few days, this logic of how car insurance can't be biased towards gender, even though we know a 17-22 year old man is more likely to kill someone through reckless and careless drunk driving, or just showing off to his mates in a punto with a new air filter, going 55mph in a 30mph zone, like a village, outside a school.

Bad drivers are bad drivers, and in the sake of argument, bad drivers aren't judged by their gender, as anyone can be a bad driver, thats why buses' and other public transport were invented, but you can't help but think that the more likely logic is the person who is going to cause the most accidents through dangerous driving is a male.

So now women are going to be forced to pay more, because they wont lower the cost when they know they can just equal it to the male rates, and get a profit on what they're already earning, or maybe they'll split the difference?

Sheilas wheels might be useless now... although if you only cater for women insurance surely this will bypass the legislation as you wont have to change any prices, as you only cater for one gender? So we will probably see more male and female specific car insurance caterers.

Whilst we are on the subject of sexism I still don't understand why women still get paid less in the same job position as a man, its ridiculous because for a start its the same job, and i know one thing for a fact, that women get better grades because they work harder, so maybe its because the 'corporation' feel that women still wearing skirts don't have what it takes to make deals like a man because he wears trousers, well one thing i know is women wear trousers in business nowadays so I dont see why they are still been treated as a minority in the workplace...

and on ANOTHER note, i don't get how a logic of equal oppourunities, is hiring a coloured person to do a job, if the incentive is 'to hire a coloured person' to not seem racist, this is been RACIST as you're making a decision based on skin colour, and also singleing out non coloured or other colour-specific people.

Anyway I hope thats just an interesting opinion, and yes I know it has a bit of contradiction in it because not all male's drive like dickheads but its in our nature to thrash an engine.

Humourous View:,-blindfolded-monkey%27s-201103013586/

Official BBC View:

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The BIG Questions 20th Feb 2011

The BIG Questions is a program on BBC on Sunday's, here is my take on the questions.

Do old people live beyond our means?

Our care system is probably one that uses the most government money out of all major western countries to provide to young and old alike, some people were suggesting that death is an inevitability and we all die, yes that is true, however if you can have the chance to survive, then you surly take it? We don't want die at 30, 250 years ago that was considered old age, as not many people made it due to conditions, if we were handed that card today of 30, but we had the chance to live longer we would take it. The NHS probably gives us the most debt (or at least near the top) and it should stay in place.
I think one problem with our society is we have no culture of old people, we probably have a very small and meaningless culture, I imagine in the middle east, Asia and Africa, they have always lived to a very old age, because the family's are together, kept active, wise and healthy, elders are respected, the oldest person in the family tends to have the final say. However in our society we are divided and live superficial lives where everything has value, we leave our birthplace and move on to better things, our lives and surroundings are built by man, and therefore have to be maintained by man, in more traditional societies, life is governed by natural occurrence, the families stay happy together and active till the day they die, our western world offers not a patch on there humane society.

Do sex offenders deserve a second chance?

A valid point mentioned was about Mistakes, if a person genuinely makes a mistake, does that mean they deserve a second chance? Some peoples actions to them aren't considered a mistake, and this is where you have to make a valid argument for their rights,

2 people get drunk and something happens, if a woman turns round and says rape even though it was pretty much just drunk consent then the person shouldn't be on the register unless violence or previous acts are on the table.

Someone mentioned urinating in public and a child saw, the parents complained an he became on the sex register, however... Indecent exposure? What happened to decent exposure? Why can a person streak and only get a fine, but you do something natural in nature and you become on the sex offenders list? Is that fair? Most parents happily walk around their children naked at home, is that right? If it is then seeing other people in the nude is surely the same? We all (roughly) have the same body and parts, so it makes it no more right or wrong in the context of seeing it.

I'm all up for people making mistakes and getting forgiveness, because we all make mistakes, we should all pay for them as well, however there is a difference between a subconscious mistake and a conscious mistake, we just need to think about what we intend.

Would Jesus be Catholic?

An unusual question, I guess sunday morning viewing will always be like this, (FYI Sunday is the day of rest because we're nackered not because it's 'gods' day - on another note why did I used to get shouted at for writing god with a lower case g...? Anyway)

If Jesus existed, which he doesn't, I don't think he would know where to pledge his allegiance, what with all the religions out there claiming their own gods and messiahs, as far as I knew Jesus was a Jew? He was born in the middle east so he certainly wasn't Christian and certainly not White.

I think with all the confusion over all the religions and dissected other forms of those religions, I can say with almost 100% certainty that Jesus would be an Atheist because it's far easier and less confusing than the alternative.

Have an answer or opinion? Go for it on the comments bellow, please try and use your head and logic.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Evolution Exposed - Deconstructing False Science

I've started reading the Old Testament, I'm not too far through Genesis, as I'm reading it bit by bit. I was looking for information about Genesis on the web and came across this page;

I got as far as this paragraph before I stopped reading;

"Throughout this article series, we have demonstrated that evolutionary processes could not account for the universe, that it is impossible for life to come from non-life, and the theory violates fundamental laws of science! No amount of arguments, hypothesis or suppositions matters. Evolution has no foundation! Nothing can change these facts. The case is closed."

After reading this I scrolled to the bottom where I could send an Email to the author/site of the post.

This is what I wrote:

"I gave up reading this after your statement 'Evolution has no foundation'
Evolution is the act of something slowly forming into another being, that is more useful and likely to survive its habitat. A single cell organism isn't complex, if plants can grow and evolve and change, then this is the perfect example, with life comes life, the Earth grew and so did the single cell organisms, we know this is true because a seed can create a whole tree, based on its environments.
I've started reading The Old Testament, and it states Adam was created, and from his rib Eve, they begat Cain, then Abel, Abel works hard, Cain Slew him, Then Cain gets married and has children.
I'm sorry but there are only 3 people in existence Adam, Eve, and Cain, where has this other woman come from? maybe if I keep reading as I've just gotten to Genesis 6, but it's a major hole, that if it does get eventually filled in, its because the people who wrote it went back and corrected it in a later book or chapter. We know that incest can cause disability and stillborn children, so it is not logical that the whole Earth's population is created from 2 single people."

I don't expect a response, as it was about 4 days ago. The only thing that i would probably change about it is the fact that after reading what I originally wrote, Noah had 3 children and their 3 wives accompanied them on the ark, so everyone in the world were killed, except Noah, his Wife, and their 3 children and their wives, so the earth is populated by 3 couples, APPARENTLY.
I think my message wasn't the most influential response or piece of literature, but It makes a point, I just wonder if I get a valid response to prove me incorrect... Otherwise we will assume I am correct.

[EDIT] After working out the Genesis time line, it turns out the great flood was more like 1444bc, so, yeah... aparently only 3 sets of couples populated the earth from this date onwards, truly remarkable propaganda.

The Trouble with The Venus Project

When I first watched the Zeitgeist videos I felt they were films everyone I knew must watch, I felt that the world was full of lies and everyone was a capitalist drone working to take the last bit of money and dignity that I had left... on some levels this is true, but after the third Zeitgeist film my opinions have changed, and after some serious thinking I've completely dismissed the majority of what Zeitgeist has told me.

I had a lot of Respect for Jaques Fresco, he's about 95 and is trying to get the planet in the right direction (What is considered right in his context), with his futuristic idea of a Resource Based economy, originally I thought this would work, you get rid of money and everything that's needed is given to you for free based on the world sharing and having enough resources.

But the main issue i have with the Venus Project is its impractical, they say get rid of Money, Classes, Jobs and Capitalist creations in general... however, if their is no money and all jobs are automated, where am i going to get the little things that are important to me, hand built items that are specific to my requirements built to a skill i cannot recreate... for example, a guitar, now maybe with technology and 3D printing i could do this, but thats not the point, why would people learn these skills then not be able to use them, if someone did have the skill, why would they do it for me for free? I would essentially 'Owe' them one, I would be in their debt, so why not just pay them with currency...

Without jobs we wouldn't have a purpose, without money we wouldn't be able to buy the trinkets we enjoy, in a world without money my Artwork would be seen as meaningless, my illustration wouldn't be used for advertising, I wouldn't want to just give away the stuff that I did make, and If there's no money there's no value to art, a Leonardo Da Vinci would have the same worth as a tatty 3rd rate contemporary piece of installation that know-one can quite understand the meaning of.

Without purpose we would eventually live in Equilibrium, everyone is equal, everything is free... but life would be... dull, if the world was perfect we would create chaos to have fun, be free, simply because we have the need to fulfill our urges, our potential, our gains earned by working hard.

I'm not saying the world is perfect, its not. But its full of potential, experiences, ups and downs, and things to learn, it wold be inhumane take that away from us.

'There's nothing worth having if everything is worthless'
- Stuart Herrington (ME)