Thursday, 17 February 2011

Evolution Exposed - Deconstructing False Science

I've started reading the Old Testament, I'm not too far through Genesis, as I'm reading it bit by bit. I was looking for information about Genesis on the web and came across this page;

I got as far as this paragraph before I stopped reading;

"Throughout this article series, we have demonstrated that evolutionary processes could not account for the universe, that it is impossible for life to come from non-life, and the theory violates fundamental laws of science! No amount of arguments, hypothesis or suppositions matters. Evolution has no foundation! Nothing can change these facts. The case is closed."

After reading this I scrolled to the bottom where I could send an Email to the author/site of the post.

This is what I wrote:

"I gave up reading this after your statement 'Evolution has no foundation'
Evolution is the act of something slowly forming into another being, that is more useful and likely to survive its habitat. A single cell organism isn't complex, if plants can grow and evolve and change, then this is the perfect example, with life comes life, the Earth grew and so did the single cell organisms, we know this is true because a seed can create a whole tree, based on its environments.
I've started reading The Old Testament, and it states Adam was created, and from his rib Eve, they begat Cain, then Abel, Abel works hard, Cain Slew him, Then Cain gets married and has children.
I'm sorry but there are only 3 people in existence Adam, Eve, and Cain, where has this other woman come from? maybe if I keep reading as I've just gotten to Genesis 6, but it's a major hole, that if it does get eventually filled in, its because the people who wrote it went back and corrected it in a later book or chapter. We know that incest can cause disability and stillborn children, so it is not logical that the whole Earth's population is created from 2 single people."

I don't expect a response, as it was about 4 days ago. The only thing that i would probably change about it is the fact that after reading what I originally wrote, Noah had 3 children and their 3 wives accompanied them on the ark, so everyone in the world were killed, except Noah, his Wife, and their 3 children and their wives, so the earth is populated by 3 couples, APPARENTLY.
I think my message wasn't the most influential response or piece of literature, but It makes a point, I just wonder if I get a valid response to prove me incorrect... Otherwise we will assume I am correct.

[EDIT] After working out the Genesis time line, it turns out the great flood was more like 1444bc, so, yeah... aparently only 3 sets of couples populated the earth from this date onwards, truly remarkable propaganda.

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