Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Does this clock predict the future?

I was wandering around the internet, and after looking at a brilliant clock that shows the rate of population, rate of oil usage, HIV contractions, Births... etc
Here: http://www.poodwaddle.com/clocks/earthclock/

I saw this little clock the population counter, where you have a 'distance from now' years query, and it tells you the population, however it is only a mathematical tool, but does it suggest drastic depopulation? I got to 47 years from now, so that would be about 2058. The population hits 8,784,612,310 before counting backwards... so I carried on, it kept going down, until i managed to get it all the way to Population 1... 500 years from now. (497 to be specific) and from 497 this lone person lives for 6 and a half years until the 504 years from now 2515.

I continued all the way to 988 years from now (y3000), in hope a miracle would somehow bring back humankind, maybe this scale is because the majority leave the earth, form space colonies, ride the galactic waves into new worlds, a highly possible outcome providing space travel becomes accessible to the majority. There already is space laws, as i found this out when me and my friend Matt was looking into ownership of the moon, due to people been able to sell acres of the moon, but nobody owns the moon, so its nothing but a money making scheme, here is the article on National Geographic,

As well as 'The Galactic Government' Website...

Please be aware, they may be crackers.

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