Sunday, 30 October 2011

Social Network Sites

Here is a quick Link to a site my friend sent me, check it out, its about what social networks do wrong. It is a little out of date... however, its interesting to see what you're opinions are since the launch of google+, and facebooks improvements since the launch of what appeared to be strong competition. Maybe the fact the google plus is now forgotten that it puts into perspective the power of one, unstoppable Internet force.

I dislike facebook, but i have a few friends and pages that i follow in spite of my hatred, and it does keep me there, however i wonder what the future holds for social networking sites, more integration into life? More privacy? more dependence for social activity? Is this really what we need, a community online that can spread to minorities around the world, or should we focus on the real life societies that seem to be getting more concentrated with gangs and minority powers.

The day the gangs take control, more riots take London, and the EDL and BNP start requiting more members, then we may realize that this society needs far more work.

Anyway, check the Link on Cracked.

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