Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Trouble with The Venus Project

When I first watched the Zeitgeist videos I felt they were films everyone I knew must watch, I felt that the world was full of lies and everyone was a capitalist drone working to take the last bit of money and dignity that I had left... on some levels this is true, but after the third Zeitgeist film my opinions have changed, and after some serious thinking I've completely dismissed the majority of what Zeitgeist has told me.

I had a lot of Respect for Jaques Fresco, he's about 95 and is trying to get the planet in the right direction (What is considered right in his context), with his futuristic idea of a Resource Based economy, originally I thought this would work, you get rid of money and everything that's needed is given to you for free based on the world sharing and having enough resources.

But the main issue i have with the Venus Project is its impractical, they say get rid of Money, Classes, Jobs and Capitalist creations in general... however, if their is no money and all jobs are automated, where am i going to get the little things that are important to me, hand built items that are specific to my requirements built to a skill i cannot recreate... for example, a guitar, now maybe with technology and 3D printing i could do this, but thats not the point, why would people learn these skills then not be able to use them, if someone did have the skill, why would they do it for me for free? I would essentially 'Owe' them one, I would be in their debt, so why not just pay them with currency...

Without jobs we wouldn't have a purpose, without money we wouldn't be able to buy the trinkets we enjoy, in a world without money my Artwork would be seen as meaningless, my illustration wouldn't be used for advertising, I wouldn't want to just give away the stuff that I did make, and If there's no money there's no value to art, a Leonardo Da Vinci would have the same worth as a tatty 3rd rate contemporary piece of installation that know-one can quite understand the meaning of.

Without purpose we would eventually live in Equilibrium, everyone is equal, everything is free... but life would be... dull, if the world was perfect we would create chaos to have fun, be free, simply because we have the need to fulfill our urges, our potential, our gains earned by working hard.

I'm not saying the world is perfect, its not. But its full of potential, experiences, ups and downs, and things to learn, it wold be inhumane take that away from us.

'There's nothing worth having if everything is worthless'
- Stuart Herrington (ME)

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