Monday, 25 April 2011

Attacks on Sony

Ok, so the person/group called Anonymous threatened Sony at the beginning of the month, whilst aparently that got sorted out, Sony received attacks Wednesday 20th April, which led to them having to shut down their internet service, and after 5 days they're still beefing up their security, changing servers and the structure of the Playstation network and their other services.

However, its unknown whether or not what the attack was about, about countering the actions against GeoHot, or about stealing credit card details. Sony aren't releasing much, although they've definitely been attacked.

What irritates me is this idea that Anonymous are supposed to be these vigilante's trying to be all political and for the best interests, well they aren't political activists, they aren't doing anything political. All their actions are subjective, they're just looking at their own interests or like they're just following trends, were they attacking Scientology before Tom Cruise and other celebrities started joining? It's getting what's in the public eye.

But can they piece together a strong enough case for actions against Sony...?
I don't think they can. Let me just get my opinion out of the way... Linux was a pointless piece of shit, the only benefit it had was for programmers and hackers to test their skills on multi-core processors, or unlocking the PS3.

Anyway, GeoHot is fully responsible for his actions, which, unlocked the Playsation3 too be taken advantage of by any user, been able to create home brew software, or completely jeopardise the playstation network. Some people had the ability to unban themselves, and ban other players, the unlock could cause cheating in games, the use of pirated software and games, this would not only effect Sony, but anyone who publishes content for the PSN, and anyone who uses the console online. Even though GeoHot only unlocked the linux support, initially, he made a lot of information public, including software key's that exploited the playstation network.

These actions were... unnecessary, he made the information public, which was his mistake. He could've kept his work personal, for his own usage, as he didn't have much plans for it, except Linux. The problem is if you pull to pieces someone's work and distribute it to people, its on the borderlines of copywrite, allowing the whole industry to be exploited is an irresponsible move.

Anything you produce as a person is your work, and if people take it from you and mess with it you're going to be annoyed. If someone stole my ideas for artwork, I would be annoyed, we live in a capitalist society, despite having money or not, it is hard to get by in these times.
I have an iPhone 3G, which i had unlocked using software Geohot created... you ask why is this any different from the Playstation3 unlocking... well, my phone is now old, and obsolete, the newer iphones have overtaken, with software optimized for the different hardware that the newer iphones have, so i unlocked my phone to try and make it run better, as i had to restaart my iPhone if i wanted to play Rock Band to free up the memory. With the new IOS 5 coming out soon, i feel that i wont get anything to make my phone run better, maybe the update will make it worse? So a jailbreak might be necessary.

The Plasytation3 has only gone through minimal changes since its original release, with the majority of its function for playing Playstation games. The only thing that annoyed me, was they took away the ability to play PS2 games. I think thats the only feature they removed that annoyed me, but it wasn't necessary because its a console for playstation 3 games.

So, if Anonymous, if you have anything to do with the attacks on Sony, i ask you, focus you're attention to real issues, we all know the risk to our actions, just like GeoHot did, what we need are more people willing to help take down governments after their decisions that take away our dignity, money, and personal rights. Please pick your battles wisely, as your image is getting less respect from picking very specific battles, making yourselves look like kids in a basement playing call of duty 24/7.

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