Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Boycott War shooters

The problem with War shooters is they're played by kids, i'm not saying all kids are impressionable, but after watching Jurassic park, if your kid isnt thinking how great it would be to be a dinosaur or live with them they you have a wrong child.

Call of Duty is a dead game now, but people will continue to buy them, I imagine to majority of people getting the game are younger than 18, apparently on Xbox360 its usually always kids you're playing against. Call of Duty has become a franchise, you know they're just cashing in on dead weight when they release one a year, i mean look at Tony Hawks, they've pushed one out about every year for the past 10 years, and despite the last 3 attempts to change the game somewhat, its now a sunken ship.

The problem is are parents really going to just suck up and buy this game for their kids, there's nothing good about a child playing a shooter that with each release gets even more realistic and violent. One thing thats important about parenting, is when your child is in their Teens, they aren't supposed to like you, the logic;

If they dont like you, you're doing something right, if they like you, you're doing something wrong.

Translation: Dont like you = no call of duty, like you = call of duty.

I dont believe computer games are the cause of violence in the world, but it develops in in young minds and makes shooting people in the head an achievement. Theres nothing good about war, its not clean, its very dirty and people die, all in the sake of government's advancements over territory and resource.

I was in the Army at one point, i left because i didnt want to get shot, the iraq invasion had recently started and i wanted no part of it, if id've stayed in, i would've done 4 tours of Iraq and probably be on my fourth tour of Afghanistan by now. I don't have a problem with the army and defending our country, i just don't like the idea that defending our country means invading another, theres no logic to this, its basically kill a threat before they threaten us.

Boycott anything that promotes war in the middle east and 3rd world nations.

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