Wednesday, 20 August 2014

In light of current conflicts

Scotland Yard warns people could be arrested under anti-terror laws for viewing footage of the killing of US journalist James Foley

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This is borderline American logic, branding people as terrorists for witnessing something. Obviously it's horrific and I don't see why anyone would want to share it to their family and friends - considering a lot of young people are now on social media... It's very odd that the concern is more to - arresting people for viewing it - even if seen by accident, to instead - trying to track down the YouTube upload source location and stopping these barbaric cowards from butchering innocent people.

Anyway, these ISIS are nothing but hypocrites - they criticise the West for getting involved with their conflicts and when they kill innocent's in bombings/conflict in the middle east, yet these middle-eastern Islamic extremists get their power from Suicide Bombing, missile attacks, scaring and murdering innocent's too. I'm tired of all this bullshit, it's never going to stop, unless genocide of all the shit and horrible people, no matter what race, religion or creed get dealt with, that list also includes the bankers and corrupt business/politicians that have ruined our economy.

We might get lucky and the Sun consume our planet a few billion years sooner.

Just as an FYI - I am not pro-capital punishment, as in, execution, like many American states still are... But it seems something like Genocide might actually be a good answer for the worst people, as putting them in a prison that has to adhere to human right's laws, where they can easily smuggle in smartphones and post facebook posts:

Convicted murderer appears in Facebook pictures on a mobile phone in his prison cell

Or how Rolf Harris is having a nice time bribing people in prison with chocolate, tobacco and drawing portraits for them;

Rolf Harris nicknamed Willy Wonka by fellow prisoners after ‘handing out chocolate bars’

Basically my point is... the gift of life is abused by most of these people who just see it as a chance to hurt people and get what they want at any cost, and there is no real way of stopping them. You cant just destory an ideology by taking out a handful of ISIS militants, just like you can't send Rolf Harris to prison to not have him use his power to make his stay more pleasant... it basically undo's the progress people have fought for.

The Gaza-Israel conflict, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the blowing up of a passenger plane, the Syrian conflict, the Libyan conflict, and the ISIS conflict in Iraq... all fairly recent or ongoing event's that hurt the innocent more than the criminals... seeing the devastation and atrocities breaks my heart, both for the fact I was in the TA for a short period of time, and realised whilst on my college art course, I could've served in Iraq and Afghanistan half a dozen times by the time I was 21. Also, when I was 10-14 years old, I was interested in being a Journalist, It was actually the main thing I thought I might've been, but writing wasn't my strongest skill. I try and keep up though with blogs every so often, whether it's for games or social criticism, I could've easily continued down the road of being a Soldier or a Journalist in a dangerous situation like what these people have been put into. this is just me reflecting on the situation, and I hope that the families affected, can find peace under the circumstances, and that by what ever means necessary we can bring some justice to the displaced families and killed people.

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