Friday, 15 July 2011

Evolution is Fact, with or without God.

There has been a lot of debate since Charles Darwin's research provided a theory on Human Evolution, which caused outrage within society, the church and even science itself. However to dismiss evolution is physically impossible, and this also proves absence of a higher beings involvement.

The easiest way to prove evolution is to take it away, without evolution all animals and life as we know it potentially would cease to exist, the reason been is that evolution offers growth within a species. A species generally would start out weak, say from the earliest most simple version of itself, it would then live and if it survived long enough to breed it would pass it's genetic information on, continuing the trend the descendants would find more suitable methods of surviving and hospitable environment, and eventually breed and pass it on. The animal could eventually evolve over hundreds of thousands of years into a new species. Generally birds are all descended from dinosaurs, as there have been found some with feathers and more a wing structure instead of typical arms.

Animals that are generally perfect from early life millions of years ago are species like sharks and reptiles, which had the armour, speed and weapons to survive all that time feeding off animals that don't quite have the traits to survive.

With these handfuls of animals which are perfect by natures design, and large herbivores that live on vegetation often protecting them from dangers of hunting other potentially dangerous animals, creates a self basis of self sustained life.

However, the animals without the ability of perfect design have to advance their survival skills to continue to pass on there genes through breeding, without evolution these animals wouldn't be able to learn, improve and survive over the millions of years.

So if evolution didn't exist, animals couldn't grow, fight off disease or threats from other animals. These animals are part of a food chain, eventually without evolution they would simply start dying out and there would be a huge chance there would be little to no life around today due to lack of a food cycle.

Even insect life and smaller animals would be greatly effected, pollination needs to be fulfilled, if the plants dont get pollinated by animals and insects, plant life, fruits and insects would slowly diminish, lowering many herbivores to slowly thin in numbers.

Recently a point has been made very clear these past few years, if Bees died out the effects could be devastating to all plants and animals, the report said if the bees died out it would be a sure thing that all other life would follow, as bees have been pollinating life for something along the lines of 150 millions years, pretty staggering how amazing bees really are.

So evolution has to exist to keep a sustained ecosystem of life and death, extinct animals are examples of poor design, often with no way of correcting their weakness, the Megaladon is a prime example, a great White shark style predator the size of 2 busses, it's weakness was it needed to feed on animals that just weren't around or big enough to sustain their appetite.

What this proves that we are descendants from other animals because evolution is a contradiction to life simply popping into existence. Evolution is necessary and is not designed but discovered by the species, somewhere our ancestors did something correct and gave us the basis to create our own species, will all that was in between becoming obsolete and dying out, proving we have evolved into a true survivor.

With or without god creating the earth, I think evolution proves we were not planned by a greater being, which is why religion has such a problem, their arrogance assures themselves they are better than animals, more significant and pure.

Handing them a plate saying we are just surviving animals with cognitive thought and feelings and were not planned, albeit not wanted by god is a drastic blow to any supporter of religion and creationism.

But been special, unique as a species and creators of such superb design and culture, to come from a simple Great Ape, to survive over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, surviving fatal disease and ice ages through evolving body and brain, is surly more magnificent than poping up out of thin air a few thousand years ago, right?

Just a thought.

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