Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Laden and The American Dream

Ok, so im Tired of looking up information on Osama Bin Laden now, its been a good few hours and im ready to put this to rest.

Ok so yesterday I realised the first of May was the day Hitler was announced dead in 1945, waking up early to check out the news as i dont get to watch it much, i saw that Osama Bin Laden had been 'killed'. My first thought was this is a re-run of many other occurrences, but it's official, that they have announced him dead. I don't think I believe this, is he dead isn't he? Who really knows?

I thought I'd check out Twitter as obviously it would be trending, and someone posted a tweet saying 'Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden were both announced dead on May the 1st'.

Hitler been 1st of May 1945, and Osama bin Laden been 1st May 2011. I then came across a video through twitter relating the announcement of Bin Laden's death been the same day as when the Illuminate was founded, 1st May 1776.

The Illuminate is a secret society of power that's aim is to control society, wealth, resource, where there's war and the levels of population as they see fit, they are the people with the money, power and means to be higher than government.

Adolf Hitler, a Nazi leader who started a war to rid the world of Jew's, to take over land and countries, to profit Germany an make her the most powerful country in the world.

Osama Bin Laden, was part of a figure head group from the 1980's called Mujaheddin, set up, funded, armed and trained by the CIA, other US, European and British powers. Their goal was rid Afghanistan of the Soviet Union's hold on the middle east (for America and Capitalism). His actions were acceptable in Western Eyes until he fell out with Saudi Arabia for letting 540,000 US troops stay there. Along with the Gulf war, he vowed to rid the middle east of western forces. (Source:

After checking the date, 'May 1st' on Wikipedia for important world events, focusing on America related, I came across a very significant one. Another announcement, May 1st 2003;

George W. Bush, made a speech called 'Mission Accomplished' which was in essence saying 'Major conflict in Iraq has ended', and all that was left was picking up the pieces, another coincidental announcement on this day to win the hearts of America?

The Speech - Via Youtube

I don't want to be that guy always criticising the Media, America, and government cover-ups, but this seems more than a coincidence. The 3 actions that follow the formation of the Illuminate are prime examples of the sorts of thing the Illuminate would manipulate for control, and released on the anniversary of the Illuminate? Coincidence or not, its still there for you to see that its not right.

Considering Osama Bin laden has been presumed, announced and theoretically dead for the past 10 years brings a lot of people to question these claims, not to mention the disposing of the body so quickly into the sea, yes they did something similar to Che Guevara and Genghis Khan, the CIA hid the body parts of Che around the world so there was no grave for people to celebrate him, Genghis Khan was also buried in an unmarked grave, According to legend, the funeral escort killed anyone and anything across their path, to conceal where he was finally buried. After the tomb was completed, the slaves who built it were massacred, and then the soldiers who killed them were also killed. One way to keep the grave locatable, they got a Camel because they have good memories, So they killed a baby Camel and buried it with Genghis Khan, so the Mother Camel would remember the location and go back every year. So the location was known to whoever knew about the Camel, until the Camel died.

After hearing there was no body of bin Laden, as it was sent to sea in the 'traditional' Islamic way of burial... this sounded just like a coverup of the actual body, or any evidence whatsoever.

After researching, i found Osama Bin Ladens religion to be Wahhabi Islam, where in an example, the King of Saudi, Wahhabi was buried in his robes, in an unmarked grave in a public cemetery, not at Sea.
They said they didn't want to make a shine for him, but I doubt this is 100% true, also what was weird is they said 'in Islamic tradition' the body is buried within 24 hours.
Now im sorry but when you kill a suspected mass murderer, you don't just bury his body and leave, especially just say, 'hey lets give him a proper Islamic burial... out of RESPECT?' really, if he is accountable to the deaths of thousands, did they get a respectable burial?

Which makes me believe whoever they have 'killed' is not Osama Bin Laden, but a willing Marty or a cover-up to help create an image, which would be the only reason for them using the excuse of a traditional burial, out of respect for someone giving their life to provide this image for American Propaganda.

An image of Osama Bin Laden dead was released soon after on Pakistani TV, and then picked up by British media, however it was concluded by a fake very soon after, it was uncovered by a tweeter and published by The Guardian:

Apparently Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001 following been ill with Liver Failure, he had a Dialysis machine, and also walked with a cane. New reported him having a funeral in December 2001, but over the years he's been revealed in videos, possibly proving he was alive. However we know a lot of these video's were faked, or older than what most people thought.
His image often changed in these video's, which proved the speculation of lookalikes, one of them is Tim Osman.

An alternative mention to Osama bin Ladens death is that he was murdered by another terrorist, called Omar Sheikh, who was convicted in 2002 for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Which was mentioned by Benazir Bhutto in a news report, before she was Assassinated. See for the information and a Time line of events corresponding to Bin Ladens death, which is very interesting:

On a last note, 2 things, i was looking on the FBI site today at Osama Bin Ladens wanted page, it has been updated with a deceased emblem across it. HOWEVER, something struck me, the page mentions what he is wanted for, however it doesn't mention anything to do with 9/11, or the London bombings, is it because he was never affiliated with them? Surely if he was that would be the top priority for his capture, not 244 civilians in 1998 in Africa. Maybe the government did know he wasn't involved directly because of the whole inside job that we hear so much about.

A closer version of the Caution. (hopefully unless no compression has occurred)

And the other part is concerning Barack Obama's Birth certificate, which people have been wanting to see due to disbelief of where he's actually born, they don't believe he is an American citizen, the original birth certificate produced was dismissed, and the government said it was the only one. So, last wednesday the 27th april, the government released another one via which has sparked even more speculation as its clearly an edited image, done probably in photoshop, as it has very digital trademarks which wouldn't occur in an original scanned document, i know what an original scanned document looks like, because i've had to do a lot for student reasons, of birth certificates and financial forms, drivers licences for my dads tax return or whatever he needs a billion print offs for.

So head over to and for more information on this story.

Bin Laden Dead?

Ok... I dont know if he's dead or not, but this recent announcement is all lies.

Illuminati founded 1st May 1776,
Adolf Hitler announced dead 1st May 1945, 
Osama Bin Laden announced dead 1st May 2011, WAKE UP PEOPLE.

What else can I say? Apparently he's been dead for 10 years, december 2001 with CIA/FBI whichever goon was by his side as he died in hospital.

Not sure wether to believe that or not, but let's all agree the above dates are very unusual a secret organisation built to control the world, and 2 tyrants deaths announced on the same day, just so obvious.

The first rule of thinking for yourself do not listen to America. The second rule of thinking for yourself DO NOT LISTEN TO AMERICA.